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Work in Progress – My Big Idea


Stage 1: Collage of papers.`


Stage 2: Adding some paint to the shapes.

In my many, MANY attempts at a vineyard -inspired painting for “Lushes with Brushes,” I decided to start over. Here is what I call, “Stage 2.” At least, I call it that today. It could become stage 3 or 4. Working out my painting process when I don’t really know my painting process is not so easy. But the fun of painting on the Monaco Family Vineyard with six people this Fall will be worth it.




Collage of the Day 7.28.12

I rubbed a bunch of stamp inks on this one. Then, colored areas with caran d’ ache crayons.

It measures about 3×3 inches.

Today’s inspiration

I loved the colors on the cover of the paper source catalog this month!


Salt Lake Costume 6×6

This little painting is on clapboard panel and came from my walk through Sugarhouse with the kids and the dog last week. I saw the Salt Lake Costume Company sign and I loved the colors.  Thus, I was inspired to make this. No, it doesn’t look like the sign at all, but it will do.


4×4 blocks

I’ve been working on these little teeny ones this week, I love the small size!


Window – 20×20


This is one of my larger pieces that I took to 15th Street Gallery yesterday for a show next month. It should be a good one.

Balboa Park 03 Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel 6×6

Encaustic and mixed media on panel: 6x6

Well, I must be honest, I didn’t know this one was going to come out like this. 🙂 Really, I posted this yesterday and it was mostly purple, had to lose that because I was bothered by the yellow on the bottom not hanging with the purple on the top. So, I brushed an Indian Yellow pigment stick across it and it warmed up nicely.

I am running out of my nice blocks of encaustic paint, but I have some ordered that should get here next week.

In Utah, to my knowledge, our art supply stores do not sell encaustic paints. They sell powdered pigments, and the ingredients for wax medium, but no pre-made paint blocks. So I order them online from either R&F or Dick Blick and they arrive within a week. Not too shabby but not horribly convenient either. So, I have the pigments on hand just in case I run out and I will surely document the experience of making paint if I have to do so.’

And now, it’s off to the swimming pool for me YAY!!