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Shrinky Dink Art Drives Me CRAZY!

But it was worth it! After about 10 completely failed attempts, I finally got the hang of cooking this plastic menace! And figured out enough to do a little art project with colored pencils and sharpies. It’s not quite like I saw on Pinterest, but I am happy enough now to turn off the oven and forget the whole thing. For now…hahahaha.

Also, please apologize to your loved ones, because I know you will be sucked into Pinterest after reading this. 🙂



The finished Shrunken Product


As they each come out of the oven, shrunk!


Four slices of discontent


The entire 8.5×11 drawing, ready to be sliced


Yerba Buena04: Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel

I can’t believe how long a 6×6 painting took me! But I couldn’t give up and now it’s done! I really love the blue and purple in this painting. Also, Warm Pink Oil Stick came in great handy to add those finishing touches of pink to the top. So, all that time ended up being worth it.

encaustic and mixed media on panel 6x6

More Mini Paintings

I took a picture of a flower at the Yerba Buena Garden in San Francisco a few years ago, and I used it to draw the watercolor on that is on each of these encaustic paintings . I loved how they turned out.

Mini Paintings: Yellow and Green

After a long argument with myself about what I like to do creatively right now, I have reached something of a solution. Working small, helps me to refine techniques, colors and designs. It also gives me satisfaction on a more regular basis, and personally, I love the small sizes right now to communicate my current vision.

My work always begins with pieces, of scenes, of paper, of anything, and I end up putting them together to form my paintings. So, why not use that philosophy to create a body of work? I thought it was a great idea and it’s working out so far. Here are two paintings from this week. Both are encaustic and watercolor paintings on panel.

Landscape02: Mixed Media on Panel

My baby is waking up so I have to keep this short, i LOVED using a quilting iron on the wax in this piece, it gave me so much control. I’ll have to write more later… but here is a picture.

encaustic and mixed media on panel: 9x12

Landscape01 – Encaustic on Panel

I had these great wooden box lids lying around and I wanted to paint on them, so I am not sure exactly what the measurements are on this but it’s smaller than 8×10. Here it is, a mixed media painting with a watercolor drawing inside and papers embedded into wax.

encaustic and mixed media on panel (lid of a box)

Yellow Pansies 6×6

Yellow Pansies