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Work in Progress – My Big Idea


Stage 1: Collage of papers.`


Stage 2: Adding some paint to the shapes.

In my many, MANY attempts at a vineyard -inspired painting for “Lushes with Brushes,” I decided to start over. Here is what I call, “Stage 2.” At least, I call it that today. It could become stage 3 or 4. Working out my painting process when I don’t really know my painting process is not so easy. But the fun of painting on the Monaco Family Vineyard with six people this Fall will be worth it.




Coffee Drawings: Big Ideas

IMG_4587IMG_4592vineyardpieces (9 of 18)

So, these coffee drawings are my leaning toward a magical Adult Art Camp experience at a gorgeous vineyard in Eastern Washington. The plans are in the very beginning stages and Daylight Savings Time is messing me up really good. Thus, I will write about that more later. Anyway, here are a few pictures. The top is my coffee drawings from the vineyard on my wall of inspiration, the middle, is my painting, in progress, based on these images, and the bottom images, is the vineyard itself.

I wish I had written this better, but there is always tomorrow. 🙂




Shrinky Dink Art Drives Me CRAZY!

But it was worth it! After about 10 completely failed attempts, I finally got the hang of cooking this plastic menace! And figured out enough to do a little art project with colored pencils and sharpies. It’s not quite like I saw on Pinterest, but I am happy enough now to turn off the oven and forget the whole thing. For now…hahahaha.

Also, please apologize to your loved ones, because I know you will be sucked into Pinterest after reading this. 🙂



The finished Shrunken Product


As they each come out of the oven, shrunk!


Four slices of discontent


The entire 8.5×11 drawing, ready to be sliced

Collage of the Day 7.28.12

I rubbed a bunch of stamp inks on this one. Then, colored areas with caran d’ ache crayons.

It measures about 3×3 inches.

Today’s inspiration

I loved the colors on the cover of the paper source catalog this month!


Salt Lake Costume 6×6

This little painting is on clapboard panel and came from my walk through Sugarhouse with the kids and the dog last week. I saw the Salt Lake Costume Company sign and I loved the colors.  Thus, I was inspired to make this. No, it doesn’t look like the sign at all, but it will do.


It’s Been Awhile

It’s probably fairly obvious, if one looks at the date of my last post, that I have not been good about updating this blog. In fact, I haven’t even looked at the last post’s date so I don’t even know how long it’s been.

The delay is because I’ve been BU-SAY doing all sorts of neat stuff like, putting together work for two art shows, going to Maui and San Francisco, not to mention raising my baby girl. However, at 20 months, she’s not much of a baby anymore.

So, I wanted to get back into this and I decided to show some things I have been working on, as of late.

First, we have a sketch with watercolor and paper of San Francisco….
I plan to turn this into a painting, it won’t be exactly like this, but this is the longest time I’ve had to plan a painting in months so I’m thinking it going to be be pretty sweet.


a preliminary sketch for a painting I am planning

And next, we have a gift tag that I made for a family member’s bridal shower that uses, more paper, watercolor, and, of course, the Cricut Wedding Solutions cartridge. I thought I had no more need for this cartridge, but alas, here were are.

gift tag for a bridal shower using paper scraps, paint, and the Cricut

The reason I am so happy with this tag, besides the fact that it turned out really nice, is that it came from paper scraps that I have hoarded over the past year. So, I learned something today, hoarding paper scraps, is ok. 🙂

And, this is what the tag looks like, on the bag.

Well, that’s it for today. I’d like to say I’ll be better at this, but all I will do is try. 🙂 -Gia