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Coffee Drawings: Big Ideas

IMG_4587IMG_4592vineyardpieces (9 of 18)

So, these coffee drawings are my leaning toward a magical Adult Art Camp experience at a gorgeous vineyard in Eastern Washington. The plans are in the very beginning stages and Daylight Savings Time is messing me up really good. Thus, I will write about that more later. Anyway, here are a few pictures. The top is my coffee drawings from the vineyard on my wall of inspiration, the middle, is my painting, in progress, based on these images, and the bottom images, is the vineyard itself.

I wish I had written this better, but there is always tomorrow. 🙂





Today’s inspiration

I loved the colors on the cover of the paper source catalog this month!


“Your Majesty” Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting 12×12

12x12x2. acrylic and paper on panel

I was working on this painting this week and I arrived at the above photo for a finished product. However, I wanted to post a “BEFORE” picture because I thought it was done for a minute. I liked the red-yellow combination, but I thought it was too messy and too much red, I also didn’t  like the “5” being so obvious. So, I changed it into what you see above. But, I took the picture so here it is for you to compare.


Encaustic & Mixed Media painting

Recently, I’ve started using encaustic paints, and I LOVE THEM! Here is an 18×18 board I just finished.

Painting Demonstration – Tulips in Acrylic & Mixed Media – Best Viewed in High Quality

Ok, I’m posting this anyway even though I would desire better quality video output.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Process in Progress – Video Slideshow

I have been trying to get this to upload on YouTube all day, and it just keeps coming out so if you want to see how I did the painting, visit this link:

The Process in Progress – Tulips – Day 3

Admittedly I’ve been slacking on this one with decorating my house for the big X-mas and the holiday partying that goes with the season, I’ve come down with a bit of a cold and feeling a lot better today. So… that means, I am working again and this is the day we paint. We, being me and the audience that is “sitting in my mind.” Anyway, a few things I found out while trying to transfer the image to the scrapbook paper.

1. The paper with shiny dots did NOT take marker well at all. 
2. That same paper, when I tried to transfer the image, did not accept the graphite from the transfer paper. 
3. So, I chose a different paper that was more receptive to more than just glue. 

Things I am going to try with this one: 
1. drawing the image outline on the paper before plastering it to my textured canvas….we’ll see how that goes later.
2. Using a thicker paper than last time, I hope it takes to my texture.
3. I used colored outlines so I remember what colors the dots are supposed to be. Probably not necessary since I take a print of this out to the studio with me but fun nonetheless.  

And here are the photos: