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Balboa Park 03 Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel 6×6

Encaustic and mixed media on panel: 6x6

Well, I must be honest, I didn’t know this one was going to come out like this. 🙂 Really, I posted this yesterday and it was mostly purple, had to lose that because I was bothered by the yellow on the bottom not hanging with the purple on the top. So, I brushed an Indian Yellow pigment stick across it and it warmed up nicely.

I am running out of my nice blocks of encaustic paint, but I have some ordered that should get here next week.

In Utah, to my knowledge, our art supply stores do not sell encaustic paints. They sell powdered pigments, and the ingredients for wax medium, but no pre-made paint blocks. So I order them online from either R&F or Dick Blick and they arrive within a week. Not too shabby but not horribly convenient either. So, I have the pigments on hand just in case I run out and I will surely document the experience of making paint if I have to do so.’

And now, it’s off to the swimming pool for me YAY!!



More Bees in the Beeswax, and a Coral Reef Painting….

Encaustic and mixed media on panel 6x6

At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use the watercolor drawing I had done for this painting, and then the greens and pinks just sort of happened and now I LOVE IT. I think I’ll be making this one into a necklace to go in my etsy shop.

The bottom part, as usual, is watercolor and it is inspired by a trip my husband and I took with our two best friends to Mexico in 2008. We went on a snorkeling expedition, and Trevor has this underwater camera, he took some fantastic pictures of the reefs, but I forget the name of where we were. It was loads of fun though. 🙂

Yesterday, I was out painting with the garage door up, it was such a GORGEOUS day here in SLC, that I just couldn’t bring myself to close the door, even though there were two big bees swarming around me. Well, one met an unfortunate end in the vat of wax medium that was simmering on the tool chest next to me.

Yerba Buena04: Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel

I can’t believe how long a 6×6 painting took me! But I couldn’t give up and now it’s done! I really love the blue and purple in this painting. Also, Warm Pink Oil Stick came in great handy to add those finishing touches of pink to the top. So, all that time ended up being worth it.

encaustic and mixed media on panel 6x6

YerbaBuena03- Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel

More Mini Paintings

I took a picture of a flower at the Yerba Buena Garden in San Francisco a few years ago, and I used it to draw the watercolor on that is on each of these encaustic paintings . I loved how they turned out.

Landscape02: Mixed Media on Panel

My baby is waking up so I have to keep this short, i LOVED using a quilting iron on the wax in this piece, it gave me so much control. I’ll have to write more later… but here is a picture.

encaustic and mixed media on panel: 9x12

Landscape01 – Encaustic on Panel

I had these great wooden box lids lying around and I wanted to paint on them, so I am not sure exactly what the measurements are on this but it’s smaller than 8×10. Here it is, a mixed media painting with a watercolor drawing inside and papers embedded into wax.

encaustic and mixed media on panel (lid of a box)