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MAN I am bad at this!!


I know, I know, I say this EVERY single time I write a blog because it’s USUALLY two years in between spurts of blogging. Please forgive me, I get caught up in painting and playing guitar and reading trash on the Internet so it’s a busy life.

I am so caught up in the MOST RECENT school shooting that I have made a little art project I’d like to share.  I do not want this to keep happening. I have many gun owners in my family who would never hurt anyone,  and I love them all very much. I know they are not the problem, I know that the mere existence of guns is not the problem.

But this is not about me and my extended family. It’s about my children. I do not want them to grow up in a world like this if they don’t have to. I do not want to lose my kids to a mass shooting, like so many parents have had to do in recent years.

So, I came here today to introduce you to some “Liberal Propaganda” I just made. And I’ve organized it into a printable template for you to use if you’d like to send a friendly note to some senators out there who MAY (or may not) be listening. I feel like this picture will get their attention.  You can get their contact info here. 

Please feel free to download and use the templates for your canvasing pleasure. And have a wonderful day!





Coffee Drawings – More Dishes

I really love these dishes I’m seeing on Pinterest and had a great time drawing them at First Cup Coffeehouse this week. Here is the latest. Also, I’ve just opened my Etsy Shop for the fourth time in eight years! Now, my nicest Coffee Drawings are for sale! Check it out. 


Coffee Drawings: Vintage Dishes




Yesterday, I was taking a much-needed trip to the gym and I passed Stars Antique Mall in Portland. I was so captivated by this window display of vintage dishes, the arrangement and the colors that the dealer had put into it, that I had to take a picture. And today, I had to draw some of them. 🙂 So, thank you Stars dealer for such wonderful inspiration!!!


Places you’ll find me….and my work

01R, 1/5/15, 3:17 PM,  8C, 9000x8556 (0+1547), 150%, Whitlock,  1/10 s, R62.0, G46.0, B69.0

As Summer approaches, I’m busy getting ready for the “tour,” as I call it.  And I thought I’d publish a little list of dates and places where you can catch my work if you are in Oregon or Washington this summer.

Here goes:

RiverSea Gallery, May 2015, Astoria Oregon

Art in the Park, June 2015, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Salem Art Fair, July 2015, Salem, Oregon

Bellevue Arts Fair, July 2015, Bellevue Washington

LOCAL 14, October, 2015, Portland, Oregon

“Please Wake Up, Alice” 36×48 DONE!


It’s Done, and photographed! I’m waiting for a print to be made and I know it will be totally luscious! Here’s the picture!

“Please Wake Up, Alice” Day 6

Well, the painting is done! It’s at the photo studio being “shot” right now. Here is Day 6.

<p><a href=”″>Day6</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Gia Whitlock</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

“Please Wake Up, Alice” Day 5: Part2

<p><a href=”″>Day5 Part2</a> from <a href=”″>Gia Whitlock</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Here is part 2 of day 5, the painting is done, tomorrow…I post Day 6. 🙂