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Laguna Beach Encaustic Paintings

I call this series, Laguna Beach because that’s the picture I was looking at when I drew the watercolor portions of these two little lovelies.

I am developing a lot of little paintings right now and I’m seeing them fit into places I’ve been and found quite beautiful.

Laguna Beach is at the top of my list of beautiful places. My family has gone there for vacation in the summer three years in a row and this June will be our fourth. This place is so beautiful, water, rocks, trees and flowers make it a great inspiration for me each time I go. And, it’s been the inspiration for these two 6×8 encaustic paintings:

encaustic, oil and paper on panel 6x8


Landscape02: Mixed Media on Panel

My baby is waking up so I have to keep this short, i LOVED using a quilting iron on the wax in this piece, it gave me so much control. I’ll have to write more later… but here is a picture.

encaustic and mixed media on panel: 9x12