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Coffee Drawings: Vessels

So, today, I spent a while at Pappacino’s  in the Woodstock neighborhood of SE Portland, drawing these vintage vessels from Pinterest. Yes, I am getting a lot of my inspiration from that addictive, gorgeous site lately. 🙂  Here they are, vases and bowls….





Coffee Drawings: Guess What!?

More Dishes!!! I was messing around on Pinterest (again) and found many, many gorgeous arrangements of dishes for my drawing pleasure. And I hope seeing them brings you a little pleasure as well.



Coffee Drawings: More Vintage Dishes!


Thank you Presents of Mind in Portland, for posting your newest collection of vintage-looking dishes! The photo is beautiful and it inspired today’s coffee drawing.



Coffee Drawings: Vintage Dishes




Yesterday, I was taking a much-needed trip to the gym and I passed Stars Antique Mall in Portland. I was so captivated by this window display of vintage dishes, the arrangement and the colors that the dealer had put into it, that I had to take a picture. And today, I had to draw some of them. 🙂 So, thank you Stars dealer for such wonderful inspiration!!!