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Coffee Drawings: Guess What!?

More Dishes!!! I was messing around on Pinterest (again) and found many, many gorgeous arrangements of dishes for my drawing pleasure. And I hope seeing them brings you a little pleasure as well.




A “Snowy” Canopy with Ribbon, Tape and Paper

My five-year-old daughter has been cutting out snowflakes like mad lately! She says she wants to keep them all, all over the floor. 
🙂 So, I decided to make them into a little garland out of some leftover ribbon and artist’s tape today. I am starting to thing that her bed is a place for me to do little installations. Enjoy! 




Day 2. Glue Dried and Paint, not quite dry yet. :)

Day 2. Glue Dried and Paint, not quite dry yet. :)

Well, I am not sure where I will go with this one, but it’s feeling almost over at this point. 🙂 I think it looks “totally 80s.” But, then again, I am going to see Depeche Mode in Vegas this Sunday! 🙂 So, I guess it fits my mood.

Today’s inspiration

I loved the colors on the cover of the paper source catalog this month!


The Process in Progress – Tulips

I’m working on a new design for another painting, this time it’s tulips! And, I’m starting a new thing where I am photographing the process so I can maybe post a composite of all of the images here after it’s done, sort of a beginning to end thing. Here’s a few to get started.