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Coffee Drawings: Vessels

So, today, I spent a while at Pappacino’s  in the Woodstock neighborhood of SE Portland, drawing these vintage vessels from Pinterest. Yes, I am getting a lot of my inspiration from that addictive, gorgeous site lately. 🙂  Here they are, vases and bowls….





Coffee Drawings: More Vintage Dishes!


Thank you Presents of Mind in Portland, for posting your newest collection of vintage-looking dishes! The photo is beautiful and it inspired today’s coffee drawing.



“Desk Cleaners”



I call these “Desk Cleaners” because they come from my putting away scraps to clean off my desk. Husband says, “that’s painting, not cleaning.” But to me, it’s all the same. 🙂 

Balboa Park 03 Encaustic & Mixed Media on Panel 6×6

Encaustic and mixed media on panel: 6x6

Well, I must be honest, I didn’t know this one was going to come out like this. 🙂 Really, I posted this yesterday and it was mostly purple, had to lose that because I was bothered by the yellow on the bottom not hanging with the purple on the top. So, I brushed an Indian Yellow pigment stick across it and it warmed up nicely.

I am running out of my nice blocks of encaustic paint, but I have some ordered that should get here next week.

In Utah, to my knowledge, our art supply stores do not sell encaustic paints. They sell powdered pigments, and the ingredients for wax medium, but no pre-made paint blocks. So I order them online from either R&F or Dick Blick and they arrive within a week. Not too shabby but not horribly convenient either. So, I have the pigments on hand just in case I run out and I will surely document the experience of making paint if I have to do so.’

And now, it’s off to the swimming pool for me YAY!!


Laguna Beach Encaustic Paintings

I call this series, Laguna Beach because that’s the picture I was looking at when I drew the watercolor portions of these two little lovelies.

I am developing a lot of little paintings right now and I’m seeing them fit into places I’ve been and found quite beautiful.

Laguna Beach is at the top of my list of beautiful places. My family has gone there for vacation in the summer three years in a row and this June will be our fourth. This place is so beautiful, water, rocks, trees and flowers make it a great inspiration for me each time I go. And, it’s been the inspiration for these two 6×8 encaustic paintings:

encaustic, oil and paper on panel 6x8

Another New Painting: “Roses & Purple” – 6×6

Roses & Purple - 6x6I saw an arrangement that looks nothing like this in a 1-800-Flowers catalog and thus, we have this painting, inspired by that arrangement. Also on etsy

A Larger Experiment

I have been doing small canvases for so long that this 16×20 scared me for a while but I really loved how it turned out nonetheless. I finally figured out how to get my photos of the larger paintings to have less glare in them since my filter didn’t cut down enough of the shiny spots. 🙂 Here’s a much better picture. World Map Orchids: Long