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Work in Progress – My Big Idea


Stage 1: Collage of papers.`


Stage 2: Adding some paint to the shapes.

In my many, MANY attempts at a vineyard -inspired painting for “Lushes with Brushes,” I decided to start over. Here is what I call, “Stage 2.” At least, I call it that today. It could become stage 3 or 4. Working out my painting process when I don’t really know my painting process is not so easy. But the fun of painting on the Monaco Family Vineyard with six people this Fall will be worth it.




Work in Progress or, I’m Back BABY!

Work in Progress or, I'm Back BABY!

I just started an e-course on intuitive painting with Flora Bowley, http://braveintuitiveyou.com/. Though I saw her work last year and LOVED it! I was skeptical about the idea of an “e-course.” As my computer programmer husband refers to them, MOOCs (pronounced “MOCKS”) Massive Open Online Classes are a new thing for me and I wasn’t sure I would even finish it. And I haven’t finished it, in fact, it’s only day 2, but I am SO PLEASED with how this way of thinking, mainly reassuring a way of thinking we all have in us, is helping me with my mixed media work. What fun!


“Sprinkles” of Paint

painting01Here is the underpainting on my current 24×24 inch canvas. I have been trying hard to let go and just let it flow this year with painting. It’s not usually easy, but today was a good day. 🙂

The Process in Progress – Video Slideshow

I have been trying to get this to upload on YouTube all day, and it just keeps coming out so if you want to see how I did the painting, visit this link: http://gallery.me.com/giathrondsen_w#100048