Finished Another one….Slithy Toves 24×24

So, I did this for an assignment. As one of the requirements, I had to put words in it. So, here it is, words in the tree, from none other than, the Cheshire Cat. :) 

Have a great day! 



Latest Painting…Succulent Garden

I don’t know what to call it yet, but here it is. A bunch of paint and paper later. :) 



If I could paint on a dinner plate….

So, we are in fabulous week 2 of the “Make Art That Sells,” e-course and the assignment was to create a dinner plate using succulents. I drew them with gouache, watercolor pencils and ink, which is unusual for me. But I really enjoyed it. Here is how it turned out! 


Make Art That Sells Assignment: Tropical Fruit Bolt Fabric

Well, I finished it, I realize it’s messy but I also just received an invitation to participate in Art in the Pearl, this fall in Portland, so I’m trying to juggle both sides of the art business, as in, painting and doing this awesome online class! 


A Lesson In Neutrals Leads to Change

I changed up these two paintings quite a bit because I felt that adding neutral colors would make them look more “professional.” Have a look. :) 



Image and mImage

Assignment Bootcamp March: Jell-O Molds!

Well, here it be, my assignment for the March Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp! Many drawings and mediums later, I ended up going with my usual, fluid acrylic paint. Then, I went over them in a thin black artist pen. Enjoy! Image

Fresh Paint: “Dizzy Daffodils” 30×40

ImagePardon the photo quality, I just wanted to get this up on line before I got a professional photo taken. :) With two little ones at home, I sometimes find painting quite a challenge, but this one is DONE! Walking around my neighborhood, I am seeing SO many daffodils and other beautiful things springing, if you will, up everywhere! So, I just HAD to paint some. :) 

I had an “Ah Ha Moment” with this one. I always cover up my beautiful papers that I lay down as a background, and I feel like I have wasted all these wonderful papers. Today, I decided to try waiting until almost the end, when I sort of know where the light areas are going to be, and collaging over those. 

Have a good evening, thanks for looking.